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Life Moves Pretty Fast, If You Don't Stop And Take A Look Around Once In A While...You Could Miss It

Excuse the reference to the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off, I couldn't help myself. I just had this ringing of Ferris Bueller's most famous quote as I was writing this. But joking aside, I think if Ferris Bueller were talking about blockchain this is what he'd say...

Blockchain Technology Moves Pretty Fast, If You Don't Start Building...You Could Miss The Demand

You see, we've all been there. Sitting on the sidelines watching others create blockchain applications upon ethereum, yet we’re frustrated with outdated tutorials on youtube.

Nobody needs to waste their time with that.

I’m not one to share outdated information.

I’m a blockchain enthusiast who is good at explaining this technology. So much so, I co-created some of the most popular blockchain courses. My co-instructor Thomas, co-created the industry standard Ethereum Certification Program CBDE.

Now the chances are…

You’ve Already Tried Blockchain Development,
But You’re Not Happy With Your Progress...

To put it simply, you're following tutorials which aren't thorough enough!

You don’t need to purchase this training, but if you’re like thousands of the developers I’ve spoken to there's a strong chance you want to be more proficient with blockchain.

With that being said...

Most people join these sorts of training programs, and never even go through them.

I don't want that to be you!

For one, it's a waste of your time. Secondly, from a totally selfish perspective it makes me look bad. If no one is getting results, it doesn't look good for the future of blockchain.

But here is why I'm telling you...

Because This Is The Resource So Many Developers Wish They Had When Starting With Blockchain...

I promise that if you take the time you’ll be proficient in not only the basics, but also solidity development and ethereum smart contract development workflows.

Instead of theory, you will learn practical skills as we work through two projects.

This is the resource that would have saved developers a lot of confusion, stress and wasted hours, whilst on there journey of developing ethereum blockchain applications!

Introducing Buidl School, Learn How To Build Ethereum Blockchain Apps In 30 Days!

You'll go from zero to building up a portfolio of two ethereum blockchain applications, ensuring you proficiency levels exceed that of the industry CBDE certification.

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Projects Students Are Building

Here are the two projects you will be building upon the ethereum blockchain, using a variety of tools such as truffle, alongside the guidance of our step-by-step tutorials inside Buidl School.

Wallet Decentralised Application

Tic-Tac-Toe Game Decentralised Application

The Modules Inside Buidl School

Here's what we cover inside Buidl School, and what you'll get out of each module. By the time you've completed this, you'll have built two projects upon the blockchain.

Click to expand each module, and see the lessons inside.

68 Lessons


Section 1: Certified Ethereum Blockchain Dev Exam Prep

Module 1: Introduction

Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 2: Exam Details

Module 2: Ethereum & EVM Basics

Lesson 3: A Brief History of Ethereum

Lesson 4: What are DApps?

Lesson 5: What The EVM Can & Can't Do

Lesson 6: When To Use Traditional Systems Over A Blockchain?

Lesson 7: Theory & Practice Of Hashing Algorithms

Lesson 8: Accounts, Private & Public Keys

Lesson 9: Ethereum Denominations

Lesson 10: Proof Of Work (PoW) VS. Proof Of Stake (PoS)

Lesson 11: Externally Owned Accounts (EOA) & Smart Contracts

Lesson 12: quiz - Ethereum & EVM Basics

Module 3: Ethereum Nodes & Networks

Lesson 13: What Are Ethereum Nodes?

Lesson 14: Communication Of Ethereum Nodes With Clients

Lesson 15: Blockchain Networks

Lesson 16: How Blockchain Nodes Operate

Lesson 17: The Difference Between Private, Consortium & Public Networks

Lesson 18: How Does Consensus Work?

Lesson 19: What Exactly Is A Block?

Lesson 20: How Does Mining Work?

Lesson 21: quiz - Ethereum Nodes & Networks

Module 4: Ethereum Programming Basics

Lesson 22: The Different Languages On The Ethereum Blockchain

Lesson 23: What Exactly Is Solidity & A Smart Contract?

Lesson 24: EVM Assembly & Opcodes

Lesson 25: Deep Dive Into Gas & Gas Requirements

Lesson 26: What Is A Merkle Patricia Trie & What Is It Used For?

Lesson 27: quiz - Ethereum Programming Basics

Module 5: Solidity Basics

Lesson 28: General Description Of Solidity

Lesson 29: The Typical Layout Of A Solidity File

Lesson 30: Importing Of Other Files In Solidity

Lesson 31: Comments In Solidity

Lesson 32: Solidity Value Type Variables

Lesson 33: How To Do String Comparisons

Lesson 34: Arrays In Solidity

Lesson 35: How To Use Structs In Solidity

Lesson 36: The Most Important Parts About Mappings

Lesson 37: Function, State Variable Visibility & Getter

Lesson 38: Function Modifiers

Lesson 39: The Difference Between View & Pure Functions

Lesson 40: Fallback Functions In Solidity

Lesson 41: Global Objects - The Difference Between Msg. & Tx.

Lesson 42: Loops, How They Work & When To Use Them

Lesson 43: Events In Solidity

Lesson 44: The Solidity Style Guide

Lesson 45: quiz - solidity Basics

Module 6: Ethereum Request For Comments

Lesson 46: What Is An Ethereum Request For Comments?

Lesson 47: What Exactly Is The ERC20 Token Contract?

Lesson 48: What Exactly Is The ERC721 Token Contract

Lesson 49: quiz - ethereum request For Comments

Module 7: Solidity Advanced

Lesson 50: Inheritance In Solidity

Lesson 51: What Exactly Is Web3.js?

Lesson 52: What's The MetaData & the ABI Array?

Lesson 53: Difference Between address.send() & address.transfer()

Lesson 54: Exceptions In Solidity - Throw, Assert, Require & Revert

Lesson 55: How The Low-Level Functions .call(), .callcode() & .delegatecall() Work

Lesson 56: How You Can Incorporate Low-Level Assembly In Solidity

Lesson 57: quiz - Solidity Advanced

Module 8: Truffle & Ethereum Development Frameworks

Lesson 58: What Is Truffle?

Lesson 59: How Does Truffle Work? A Quick Overview!

Lesson 60: Running Tests In Truffle

Lesson 61: quiz - Truffle & Ethereum Development Frameworks

Module 9: Contract Development Security

Lesson 62: General Security Best Practices

Lesson 63: What Is The Preferred Workflow During Blockchain Development?

Lesson 64: Best Practices For Upgrades Of The Ecosystem & Bugfixes

Lesson 65: Best Practice For Interaction With Unknown Sources

Lesson 66: The Problem Of True Randomness On The Blockchain

Lesson 67: What Is OpenZeppelin?

Lesson 68: quiz - Contract Development security

60 Lessons


Section 2: Ethereum Development Project #1 - Wallet

Module 1: Ethereum Ecosystem - An Overview

Lesson 1: The Ethereum Ecosystem Of Frameworks, Apps & Tools

Lesson 2: Blockchain Nodes such as Go-Ethereum, Parity & Pantheon

Lesson 3: DApp Browsers And How MetaMask & MIST Work?

Lesson 4: What Is Solidity?

Lesson 5: We Talk About Remix - The Web-Based Solidity IDE

Lesson 6: How Is Web3.js and Eth.js Connected To The Ecosystem

Lesson 7: What Is Truffle & How Is It Different From Web3.js?

Lesson 8: What about React, Redux, Webpack? Do I need those to create a DApp.

Module 2: Let's Introduce Remix - The Web-Based Solidity IDE

Lesson 9: What You Will Learn

Lesson 10: This Is The Remix Overview

Lesson 11: Assignment - Open Remix & Get Started

Lesson 12: Lets Write A Simple Smart Contract In Solidity 0.5.0 & Deploy It

Lesson 13: Assignment - Write Your Own Smart Contract

Lesson 14: The Debugger Of Remix In Detail

Lesson 15: Assignment - Debug Your Smart Contract

Lesson 16: All Important Things Summarized Again

Module 3: Lets Work With MetaMask

Lesson 17: Introducing MetaMask & What You Can Do With It

Lesson 18: This Is How You Install & Configure MetaMask

Lesson 19: Assignment - Install MetaMask

Lesson 20: This Is How You Get Test-Ether for testing in MetaMask

Lesson 21: Let's Deploy our Smart Contract to Ropsten using MetaMask

Lesson 22: Let's Wrap This Section Up

Module 4: What Are DApps & How Do They Fit In The Ecosystem?

Lesson 23: What We're Talking About

Lesson 24: Ethereum On A Basic Level

Lesson 25: Unstoppable Applications - Smart Contracts

Lesson 26: How Solidity Code Is Deployed - Step by Step Explanation

Lesson 27: Why It's Important To Have Logic & Currency On The Same Blockchain

Lesson 28: Classic Examples For Distributed Applications

Lesson 29: How Access To The Blockchain Works

Lesson 30: Here Is What You Learned In This Module

Module 5: Understand Ethereums Basics To Get Started With It

Lesson 31: Intro To Ethereum Development

Lesson 32: The Ecosystem Ethereum Comprised Of DApps & DAOs

Lesson 33: You Must Be Aware Of What Ether & Accounts Are

Lesson 34: How To Compile, Deploy & Instantiate Contracts

Lesson 35: Lets Work with Ganache, Ganache-CLI & Developer Networks

Lesson 36: Get Started With Configuring, Running & Working With The Go Ethereum Client

Lesson 37: See The Exact Setup Process For A Private Network

Lesson 38: Lets Summarize This Important Section

Lesson 39: Assignment - Understand Ethereum-Basics To Get Started With It

Module 6: Lets Now Cover All The Aspects Of Solidity

Lesson 40: Discussing Solidity

Lesson 41: The DApp We’re Going To Create

Lesson 42: Contract Classes, Functions & The Constructor

Lesson 43: The Different Variables You Must Understand

Lesson 44: Mappings & Structs On A Deeper Level

Lesson 45: Inheritance & Abstract Contracts

Lesson 46: You Must Understand Libraries So Lets Dive In

Lesson 47: Lets Now Jump Into Global Variables

Lesson 48: How Events Work In Solidity

Lesson 49: The Fallback Function In Solidity

Lesson 50: Assignment - Understanding Solidity

Lesson 51: Assignment Solution

Module 7: Implementing The Actual Wallet

Lesson 52: Module Introduction

Lesson 53: The Plan for our Shared Wallet

Lesson 54: Implementing The First Part

Lesson 55: Let's Add Some Events Into Our Smart Contract

Lesson 56: Implementing The Allow & Disallow Functions

Lesson 57: Now Lets Implement The Admin-Functions

Lesson 58: KillWallet Functionality - How The Selfdestruct Function Works

Lesson 59: Adding Complexity With Structs & Mappings To Count The Withdrawals

Lesson 60: The Final Code

61 Lessons


Section 3: Ethereum Development Project #2 - Tic Tac Toe Game

Module 1: Solidity Basics - The Foundations For Our Game

Lesson 1: Understanding Remix

Lesson 2: Layout Of A Solidity File

Lesson 3: Alternatives To Solidity

Lesson 4: Types Of Variables You Need For The Game

Lesson 5: Functions In Solidity

Lesson 6: Addresses & The Global Msg-Object

Lesson 7: Denominations In Ethereum

Lesson 8: Storing Ether Safely

Lesson 9: Introduction To Arrays

Lesson 10: Structs - Your Own Datatype In Solidity

Lesson 11: Difference Between A Call & Transaction

Lesson 12: Exceptions In Solidity

Lesson 13: Events in Solidity

Lesson 14: The Most Important Changes in Solidity

Lesson 15: How To Work With Times In Solidity

Module 2: Our Game In Solidity Developed With Remix

Lesson 16: Basic Game Functionality

Lesson 17: How A Second Player Can Join The Game

Lesson 18: Defining Our Game Board

Lesson 19: Adding A Function To Determine Winning Or Losing

Lesson 20: Getting the Draw Right

Lesson 21: Assignment - Add Events

Lesson 22: Assignment Discussion - Game Events

Lesson 23: Adding An Economic Incentive To Our Game - It's Payable

Lesson 24: Assignment - Payout When Draw

Lesson 25: Discussion & Solution Of The Assignment

Lesson 26: What Happens If A Player Stops Playing?

Lesson 27: Playing A Full Game In Remix

Module 3: Introduction To Truffle

Lesson 28: An Introduction To Truffle

Lesson 29: Difference Between Truffle-Contract & Web3

Lesson 30: Installing Truffle

Lesson 31: Unboxing Our First Project

Lesson 32: Introduction To Atom For Solidity Development

Lesson 33: Difference Between TestRPC, Ganache & Developer Console

Lesson 34: Updates to Truffle Webpack Box

Lesson 35: Setting Up The Truffle Environment For Our Game

Lesson 36: Understanding & Working With Truffle-Contract & Artifacts

Module 4: Automated Testing With Truffle

Lesson 37: Introduction To The Testing Framework That Comes With Truffle

Lesson 38: Adding A Simple JavaScript-Test For Our Game

Lesson 39: Testing Winning & Losing

Lesson 40: Assignment - Test The Draw

Module 5: Implementing Our Game In HTML/JavaScript

Lesson 41: Adapting The HTML & Introduction To The Game Field

Lesson 42: App.js File & How It Connects To The Blockchain

Lesson 43: Web3 Is Just A JavaScript Library Making HTTP Calls

Lesson 44: Implementing The Create Game Or Join Game Functionality

Lesson 45: Bringing Our Game-Board To Life

Lesson 46: Showing X Or O When Playing A Game

Lesson 47: Listening To Events When A Player Joins

Lesson 48: Let's Listen To The 'NextPlayer' Event

Lesson 49: Assignment - Inform User When Winning/Losing/Drawing

Lesson 50: Assignment Discussion - Listening To The Right Events & Stop Watching

Lesson 51: Adding Design With Bootstrap

Lesson 52: Assignment - Hiding/Showing The Right Elements

Lesson 53: Assignment Discussion - The Last Important Fix

Module 6: Metamask

Lesson 54: An Introduction To MetaMask

Lesson 55: Downloading & Installing MetaMask

Lesson 56: Guiding You Around In MetaMask

Lesson 57: Get Some Ether From The Rinkeby Faucet

Lesson 58: Send Some Ether From One Account To Another

Lesson 59: Connect MetaMask To Our Truffle Developer Console

Lesson 60: Observe And Play One Game In MetaMask, Chrome & FireFox

Module 7: Deployment

Lesson 61: How We Can Deploy The Game

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